How It Works

Four easy steps for your success

1 - Lay out your idea

Kick things off with laying out your idea. It can be Business Model Canvas, Business Plan or a simply described idea.

2 - Identify key features

This is where we jump in. We take a time to understand you and your business in order to make sure that we'll build exactly what you need. Then we’ll help you transform your idea into a set of product key features, form backlog and set up milestones.

3 - Build MVP

Time for our nerds to release their super skills! And it’s not just about coding …we do that outstanding anyway. It's an overall experience of working with a team that is passionate about innovation.

4 - Launch

We use agile development methodologies and take quality seriously starting from day one. It means we develop the highest ROI features at the earliest stages possible. So you can often launch the product even before your time-line and deliver low-ROI features in later updates.

Technology Stack

Full stack development using the latest technologies

NerdySoft Technologies

Who we are

Computer nerds with social skills

NerdySoft is a software engineering company. We help startups and small businesses build custom software products with an exceptional level of quality. Our delivery office is located in Lviv, Ukraine - a top destination for software development outsourcing in Eastern Europe. For over 15 years, our leading computer nerds have transformed challenging ideas into successful products.

We do it because we love it

You can’t do something great unless you really love it. That is why we created NerdySoft - a company where the most talented and tech-addicted professionals work. We know how to build great products and the key to our success is that we love what we do. No work is ever too hard if you enjoy doing it.

Your technical co-founder without the equity

We know that what you really want is not simply a website or an app. You want a Product that customers are willing to pay for. For this reason, we start each project with a discovery phase. We want to know everything we can about your business and the problem you are trying to solve. Only then will we be able to come up with the best technical solution that perfectly suits your business needs.

Why NerdySoft

The Future

Ask yourself: how will the world look in 10 years? Self-driving electric cars, nanocomputers, smart cities or personal 3D printers? Whatever is the answer, the key to achieving it is technology.

Your Role

The truth is, often people with groundbreaking ideas have no technical background. So, their biggest challenge is to find a technical partner who shares their passion for innovation and can turn their ideas into reality.

Our Motivation

That is what NerdySoft stands for! We are here to help entrepreneurs and companies shape the future by implementing their ideas. Every day we collaborate with inspiring people, challenge ourselves and never stop learning.

You can do it!

So if you have an idea - let’s discuss it. And maybe we will build something great together that will change the way we live.


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