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How to Choose the Right Tech Stack for Your E-Commerce Project: E-Commerce Architecture and Technologies

The number of people who shop online is increasing every day, and is predicted to top 4,5 billion by 2024. From first sight, it may seem that E-commerce advancements have made putting together a technology stack easier than ever. However, not all E-commerce architecture and technology components will operate together. You might prefer to utilize a specific programming language, but is that language compatible with the database you intend to use?

When choosing the right E-commerce technology stack, it’s critical to think about all of the E-commerce architecture and technologies components you want to include before putting them together in your stack. 

This article aims to aid you by pointing out the main factors that matter in choosing an E-commerce tech stack and giving expert recommendations covering some of the most popular tech stacks in the E-commerce business.

What E-Commerce Tech Stack Consists Of

In an E-commerce tech stack, tools and platforms are “stacked” one on top of each other to create a fully functional system. Any E-commerce store’s tech staсk comprises the following components: E-commerce front-end technologies, E-commerce backend technologies, and third-party services.

E-commerce front-end technologies

The front-end assists in designing the user-facing section of the E-commerce store. Therefore, front-end technical solutions are critical. The front-end should be created so that the customer falls in love with your platform. Front-end development frequently includes the most well-known and cutting-edge technology for designing and developing websites.

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  • JavaScript (the JS libraries and frameworks used for front end development are React, Vue, Angular)

These are the basic ones, but  preprocessors SASS, PUG, and HAML are also used for front end development.

E-commerce backend technologies

The backend is the unseen server-side component that creates the project’s logic and is required for the front-end to perform correctly. The E-commerce backend is in charge of data validation, processing functions, and allowing access to specific types of website usage. The backend contains data from the application, the server, and the database, and the interaction between these three forms the stable and robust foundation for the front-end’s functions.

  • Databases
  • Frameworks
  • Servers
  • Programming languages

Third-party services

Third-party services ensure additional services for the E-commerce website. Third-party services boost the performance of the initial solution by allowing the online store to run faster. They are frequently used to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of developing and managing an online store.

  • Analytics tools
  • CRM
  • Payment gateways
  • Shipping modules
  • Social channels

Most Common E-Commerce Software Development Types

What distinguishes ordinary websites or apps from online stores? There are two primary differences: shopping cart and payment gateway. Creating these features can be accomplished in different ways. You can select one of the following options for your budget and business requirements.

  • Shopping cart software
  • E-commerce software
  • Custom E-commerce platform development.

Shopping cart software

Shopping cart software may be a good option if you already have a website and want to add a product catalog and accept payments. Extensions and plugins for websites are examples of such solutions. Furthermore, shopping cart software includes a virtual storefront, restricted merchant features, and payment gateways. Customization may be possible, depending on the software and website.

Shopify, Shopaccino, Ecwid, Magento, and WooCommerce are among the best shopping cart software in 2022. The cost of shopping card software extensions ranges from free to $500, depending on the feature set and the size of the E-commerce store.

If you have an extremely limited timetable and budget and no plans to develop your firm in the future, this is the solution for you. You should keep in mind that such software does not allow responsive design, thus you will lose out on potential mobile visitors.

E-commerce software

E-commerce software offers users a comprehensive, all-in-one solution. Depending on the platform type, hosting, payment processing, marketing tools, security, design, and merchant tools may all be included. To provide your customers with a beautiful user experience, you can develop a professionalE-commerce website utilizing one of several platforms and CMS.

An E-commerce platform aims to ensure that an online store can be set up quickly and run efficiently. Modern E-commerce solutions provide enhanced SEO, marketing, multichannel retail, merchandising, order administration, and client relationship management for the online store.

E-commerce software’s visually appealing storefront and a smooth customer journey drive conversions. Many responsive themes are available on most existing E-commerce platforms.  Small and medium enterprises benefit from online stores built on existing E-commerce platforms. Such solutions are available for as little as $29 per month. Advanced features and personalized design will require additional fees.

E-commerce websites can be created on a variety of platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, and others. WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify are the three platforms that currently account for the largest share of the eCommerce market. Here is a detailed guide comparing Shopify and Squarespace to help you decide on the best E-commerce platform for your project.

Custom E-commerce platform development

Custom E-commerce website development is the process of designing, building, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific group of users, functions, or organizations. Customer software development focuses on a specific set of requirements. There are various advantages to using custom E-commerce development services.

  • Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate Improvement
  • Better Search Engine Optimization
  • Managing Specialized Processes
  • Your Company’s Integration
  • Creation of a pleasing appearance
  • Quick Updates
Depending on the requirements, expenses for E-commerce website building and hosting might range from $5,000 to more than $5 million. A custom E-commerce website’s cost extends beyond the cost of web development. Consider the costs of continuing to invest in better functionality, user experience improvements, marketing, and security.

Main Factors To Consider When Choosing an E-commerce Technology Stack

Many factors must be considered from the start, like the size of the firm, the number of items sold, the industry, the expected volume of traffic, and so on. Our viewpoint is that new web technologies should be used to address specific business problems.

Type and size of the project

When our clients hire us to help them build their E-commerce businesses, the type and size of the project are the most important aspects to consider, as the kind of project will decide the complete technology stack of the online store.

  • Small projects
    If a merchant has less than 500 goods to sell and a short period, especially if a functional prototype is required on a tight deadline, an online store utilizing an existing solution like a CMS or WordPress can be a good solution.
  • Midsize projects
    If you wish to build an online store with roughly 500 products, substantial traffic, and customized features, open-source solutions like Magento can work well in this case.
  • Big complex projects
    You’ll need a separate tech stack to build a unique two-way platform, social network, or enterprise-sized online store with a lot of integrations and customized features.


The cost of custom E-commerce website development, first of all, depends on the customer’s inquiry – whether the task is to build a custom E-commerce store from scratch or to improve the security, integrate custom CRM, or add other features. Other key factors that influence the cost of custom development are the type of the E-commerce website, the size of the development team and their rates, website hosting, domain name, SSL certificate, and PCI compliance costs, the number of the 3rd party integrations, development time.

Additionally, the price depends on UI/UX development, front-end, and back-end development, testing, the web architecture’s complexity, the quantity of 3rd-party integrations, the SEO optimization procedure, maintenance, and development time.  Contact us to get an estimate of the price for your custom E-commerce project.


Unless you are starting your E-commerce project from scratch, any new platforms or tools you employ must be compatible with those you already have. First, look at your E-commerce architecture and technologies to see what new features you can employ and how easy it will be to upgrade them.

Time to market

Another element to consider when picking E-commerce solutions is time to market. If you only need a quick app to test an idea, go with a tech stack that allows for speedy development. If your development schedule allows for it, you can focus on quality and flexibility and scalability, and performance.


An E-commerce platform’s scalability is a critical component that can influence a company’s growth. You will lose market share and face possible income losses every minute if your platforms and frameworks can’t scale quickly enough without significant extra investment in terms of talent, time, and finance.

NerdySoft’s Tech Stack Recommendations for E-Commerce Tech Projects. Angular, Java, Javascript, .Net. NerdySoft software development company blog.

NerdySoft’s Tech Stack Recommendations for E-Commerce Tech Projects

Angular is a great option for the e-commerce tech stack. It is a terrific framework for projects that need to be dynamic, flexible, and customer-focused. The unique feature of Angular is that it can be utilized to solve a wide range of product development issues and jobs. Angular software development will provide you with the following benefits.

  • Component-based design results in higher code quality
  • Toolkit enhancements, increased scalability, and cleaner code
  • Enhanced performance of your system
  • Google’s long-term support
  • Platform-agnostic philosophy of code

To develop your project with Angular, hire NerdySoft’s experienced, dedicated development team. Take advantage of our Angular software development services’ three-pronged combination of speed, skill, and customer focus.

Java is used for industry-specific applications, e.g., EHR, online banking, POS, Java-based software for E-commerce, cybersecurity, and complex enterprise systems. Below are the key benefits of Java.

  • Dependability and solid image are bolstered by the code flexibility
  • Increased security
  • Object-oriented nature
  • More than 3 billion gadgets perform Java-powered activities on a daily basis, including corporate servers, data centers, and personal laptops

Professional Java development services are available for hire. By utilizing our Java programming services, you can join the ranks of the world’s most prestigious corporations. Our Java programming staff is ready to put your idea into action, no matter how complicated it is.

JavaScript is frequently used to develop more interactive E-commerce apps. JavaScript is at the heart of any good UI/UX web design because, when paired with CSS3, HTML5 and other technologies, it creates a unified codebase that allows your product to offer a wide range of options. Opting for JavaScript you take advantage of one of the most widely utilized technologies in the software development business today.

  • Functional and interactive apps
  • Verified by time since 1995
  • Multifunctional 
  • A solid foundation for the efficient maintenance of your product
  • Cross-platform operability

A large global community of JavaScript developers encourages the use of JavaScript capabilities to give obvious and reliable solutions even in the most complex designs. Our JavaScript engineers will guide you through the whole JavaScript development process, allowing you to realize the full potential of JavaScript and its vast toolkit for your application.

Python is an excellent choice for web application and back-end development (websites, CMS, CRM systems) tech stack. Being created more than 30 years ago, Python is not only a time-tested programming language but is also a rapidly evolving technology that accrues the benefits it delivers to every project exponentially and at an incredible rate.

  • Simple code readability
  • Open source
  • Versatile use of various libraries and frameworks
  • Better prototyping

With Python custom software development, NerdySort can provide effective solutions for your organization. Python developers at NerdySoft are proud of their years of expertise and honors for designing software solutions that have helped businesses all over the world flourish through Machine Learning, Data Science, and ETL solutions.

React will help to improve your website’s SEO engine. Because it is both cost-effective and routinely updated with the latest tech stack, React is one of the most popular web frameworks in the world.

Companies that use React may easily construct dynamic and aesthetically pleasing user experiences. Airbnb, Meta, Netflix, The New York Times,  Uber, Yahoo! are among the most prominent users of React. React advantages include the following.

  • Easy to understand and utilize
  • Enhanced performance and speed
  • Reusability of React components
  • Extensive set of developer tools
  • SEO-friendliness

Our React developers will make revolutionary decisions for your products. Let’s work together to find solutions for your company that will solve your current problems and foresee those that will arise in the future.

.NET is a solid solution for enterprise or cross-platform software needs. This is a versatile open-source platform that may be used for any project. Choosing outsourcing ASP.NET development for your project is a good idea if you have a lot of problems to solve at once. Furthermore,.NET is a framework that ensures that your code is extremely flexible.

An experienced NerdySoft .Net development team is eager to go on a fascinating adventure of creating a cutting-edge product with you. When designing cutting-edge mobile, online, or desktop apps, games, corporate, and IoT software, our.NET developers maximize the framework’s capabilities.

  • Compatibility with C#, C++, F#, VB.NET, and other programming languages
  • Access to a massive library of predefined class libraries
  • Can be used for building web apps and web pages with the help of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the server scripting method
  • Capable of developing apps that operate on both Mac OS and Linux
Contact NerdySoft specifying the details of your E-commerce project, and we will consult you, suggesting the best tech stack solution to achieve your business goals.


Your loan software cannot be an island. It needs to interact with other organizations and service providers. Start the design process by answering the following questions:

  • Should you capture information from major credit bureaus?
  • Should you accept payments from a variety of service providers?
  • Should you integrate customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to manage marketing client campaigns?
  • Should you integrate with your accounting systems?
  • Should you integrate with collection and credit organizations if you need to proceed to a collections process?

2. Lack of Expertise

  • Should you capture information from major credit bureaus?
  • Should you accept payments from a variety of service providers?
  • Should you integrate customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to manage marketing client campaigns?
  • Should you integrate with your accounting systems?
  • Should you integrate with collection and credit organizations if you need to proceed to a collections process?
Software outsourcing. Is It Safe to Hire an Outsourcing Company Outside Europe? NerdySoft software development company blog

3. Higher Prices

There is no reason to dwell too much on this one, as this is a complete hoax. There is actually no explanation to how this superstition emerged on the surface, while facts remain facts. The average hourly rate per one developer in the United States is $150; in Europe, it amounts to €150. Meanwhile, if we’re talking about Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe (where many countries are still not part of the European Union), the damage will be approximately $75. It seems like the difference is even more than tangible, given that the quality of services might be even better.

4. Irresponsible Vendors

When you’ll hear about irresponsible vendors from outside Europe, may you ask yourself a question of how territorial affiliation can be the cause of irresponsibility? While you’re in the IT business, it is quite probable that logical reasoning is one of your core virtues. There are both responsible and irresponsible vendors within Europe and outside its boundaries. Hence, when it comes to choosing a software outsourcing company, think of their tech expertise, portfolio, and clients reviews, as this is where the grain of truth lies.

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The Right Tech Stack for Your E-Commerce Project. Why Choose NerdySoft For Your Next E-Commerce Software Development Project? NerdySoft software development company blog.

Why Choose NerdySoft For Your Next E-Commerce Software Development Project

NerdySoft is a full-service software development company that specializes in Software Product Engineering. Whether you want to start developing a custom E-commerce platform from scratch, expand your in-house developer team or improve the features of your existing solution, we will turn your E-commerce ideas into a successful project.

As a custom software development company, we aim to empower you to make the best decision possible based on a flexible situation with plenty of backup options. We ensure full-cycle outsourcing E-commerce platform development with our years of experience and competence. We may start from the beginning or take over the development of your platform, regardless of where you are in the process.
Contact us to discuss your custom E-commerce technology stack solution in detail.

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