Is It Safe to Hire an Outsourcing Company Outside Europe?

It is true that we are living in a world that is powered by superstitions and prejudice. Regardless of how hard we are trying to fight them, there are still some established convictions that leave us strangled to an abridged scope of choices to make. For example, when it comes to choosing an outsourcing company to develop software for your project, you will most likely stick with American and European vendors because the rumor has it that African and Asian ones are “unreliable, hard to reach, inexperienced, too expensive, etc.” Yet, those are nothing else but superstitions. 

A software company from the United States might be even less professional than a vendor from South Africa, but the price you’ll have to pay for their “professionalism” would be at least twice as high. Let us first explain to you why your vendor’s place of origin has nothing to do with the success of your project, and then we’ll have a look at some of the countries outside Europe that are surely safe to hire an outsourcing company from.

Outsource Anywhere: It’s Up to You

As we’ve already discussed, there are a lot of superstitions that today’s world of software outsourcing lives by. Hence, it would be best if we would dismantle them to show you that you can outsource your software development to any country you like.

1. Lack of Communication

While there are four major false convictions regarding software outsourcing companies, let’s start by taking down the most widespread of them all. Folks claim that hiring software vendors from outside Europe might be challenging because you won’t be able to communicate with them efficiently. Well, you won’t need to, as they chiefly stick to the Agile methodology, meaning you will compile a plan of swift and comprehensive development cycles. Thus, everything that’s left in it for you is to review the results once in two weeks or a month.

2. Lack of Expertise

Let’s cut to the chase on this one, as software outsourcing companies from outside Europe have a lot of expertise. Have you ever checked the teams of software development companies from the United States and Europe? They are all infused with folks from all over the world because this is exactly where the best talent sits.

Software outsourcing. Is It Safe to Hire an Outsourcing Company Outside Europe? NerdySoft software development company blog

3. Higher Prices

There is no reason to dwell too much on this one, as this is a complete hoax. There is actually no explanation to how this superstition emerged on the surface, while facts remain facts. The average hourly rate per one developer in the United States is $150; in Europe, it amounts to €150. Meanwhile, if we’re talking about Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe (where many countries are still not part of the European Union), the damage will be approximately $75. It seems like the difference is even more than tangible, given that the quality of services might be even better.

4. Irresponsible Vendors

When you’ll hear about irresponsible vendors from outside Europe, may you ask yourself a question of how territorial affiliation can be the cause of irresponsibility? While you’re in the IT business, it is quite probable that logical reasoning is one of your core virtues. There are both responsible and irresponsible vendors within Europe and outside its boundaries. Hence, when it comes to choosing a software outsourcing company, think of their tech expertise, portfolio, and clients reviews, as this is where the grain of truth lies.

The Best Outsourcing Locations to Choose. Is It Safe to Hire an Outsourcing Company Outside Europe? NerdySoft software development company blog.

The Best Outsourcing Locations to Choose

Given that we’ve busted four major myths about outsourcing companies, let’s focus on four countries that would potentially serve your business as a proper destination for finding a trusted software outsourcing company.

1. Argentina

The South American klondike of software development, Argentina makes sure that it has an abundant resource of developers by investing heavily in IT education. A lot of students, approximately 70%, studying information technology combine work and studies, meaning there is a perfect blend of theory and practice in Argentina when it comes to finding talent. If those are mobile development, DevOps, and cloud computing services that you are looking for, Argentina is, without a shred of doubt, your cup of tea.

2. Ukraine

Well, when it comes to facing a dilemma like this, why not hit the Goldilock variant and opt for a region that most people still consider to be not a part of Europe, even though it stands right in between Europe and Asia. We’re talking about the European Eastern frontier’s IT capital, Ukraine. In accordance with the latest reports, there are more than 200,000 refined experts working in the Ukrainian IT sector. Can you imagine how broad is the scope of choice that you have when it comes to choosing your software outsourcing company in Ukraine? Yet, don’t get carried away too soon with the quantity numbers, as the software development quality, you’re up to experience if you opt for Ukrainian engineers. Ukrainian engineers deservedly take high positions on the list of the world’s best developers, as per SkillValue. Their general performance index is 91.26%, which is quite impressive. Well, there is actually nothing to wonder about here, as there is a couple of reasons for such an outstanding mark.  First of all, Ukrainian engineers have developed and delivered thousands of projects across a plethora of industries, including Fintech, Healthcare, Retail, etc. Secondly, Ukrainian engineers are quite versatile when it comes to tech expertise, as their stack includes merely every single technology and programming language there is out today, including Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, C, C#, etc. Finally, Ukraine is home to some of the world’s most popular companies, such as Grammarly, Petcube, Preply, etc., with hundreds of the worldwide famous brands, such as Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, and others already successfully outsourcing their software development to Ukraine.

3. India

Another software development outsourcing destination to take into consideration is India. Let’s have a brief look into the country’s history as it will help us understand that India has been under the Western reign for so long that even today, it does many things Western-wise. For example, the education of IT specialists is conducted akin to the Western measures. India is currently considered one of the best outsourcing destinations for those looking for native and hybrid apps design and development, as well as open-source projects. Furthermore, the country’s IT sector is actively working in developing its ML, AI, Blockchain, and GIS capabilities.

4. China

The country that needs the least presentation in terms of its software development capabilities, China boasts the same developers talent pool as Ukraine, as there are more than 200,000 people working in the industry. Just like the Ukrainian vendors, they know how to develop everything you need yet get ready to pay more, as Chinese developers are somehow more expensive than their Ukrainian, Argentinian, and Indian counterparts.

Let’s Sum It Up

There is nothing wrong with hiring an outsourcing company outside Europe, to be fair. As a matter of fact, the software vendor’s place of origin should not lead to premonitions regarding your project’s success or failure. It is all about the very process of choosing the software outsourcing company, as everything boils down to opting for the right vendor before you start developing your project.  Nonetheless, opting for European outsourcing companies would still be a decision to bring you more stability, as the European companies have the experience required for developing any kind of software you might only need.  Are you having doubts about the software developer to accomplish your project successfully? Then let us dispel them. Check NerdySoft software development capabilities and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

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