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Bitcoin Boom 2021 Will Tell You

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses worldwide started revising their investment plans and strategies, as the ventures that seemed viable are now not that promising.

For instance, the hospitality industry is now losing its positions due to the mobility restrictions imposed due to the quarantine.

Meanwhile, blockchain start-ups are slowly stealing the show due to the new cryptocurrency boom that happened in February 2021.

Even Elon Musk’s Tesla decided to invest heavily in bitcoin, thus only adding to the cryptocurrency market attractiveness to investors.

This is a new blockchain developmentstart-ups race looming on the horizon, and those starting in the pole position will surely win it.

We decided to pile the latest bitcoin news together and explain why investing in blockchain start-ups would be a beneficial decision to make in 2021.

You Must Have Heard the Boom

To begin with,

let us first set the context for our conversation, as we’re here to help you make the right business decision.

We all thought that he 2017 bitcoin hysteria has come to an end and there is nothing extraordinary to expect.

Nonetheless, the bitcoin boom has had other plans in mind. The fintech trends for 2021 warned that cryptocurrency was going to take the bull by the horns this year and so it happened.

In accordance with Forbes, bitcoin has added more than

200 %

of value over the recent month, as its price has transcended the threshold of $40,000 at the beginning of February.
Here’s some impressive comparison to keep in mind. Just a year ago, in February 2020, it was


A graph provided by The Guardian provides a more visual picture of the bitcoin growth dynamics.

Now, the cumulative value of bitcoins is bigger than those of Samsung, Visa, and Berkshire Hathaway, as Forbes continues to report on the immense pace at which bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies keep on adding in value. The world’s largest bitcoin owner, Microstrategy is now
worth more than $2 billion.

What is more, as mentioned earlier, even though Elon Musk denies his direct impact on Tesla’s decision to invest $1.5 billion in bitcoin, he’s surely pleased that the company made more out of this investment than from actually selling electric cars last year.
Meanwhile, the bitcoin’s price has reached the point of


in the middle of February, meaning that that bitcoin’s entire value as of March 2021 is more than $1 trillion. Make your bets, ladies, and gentlemen.

Ready Blockchain Startup One

The first question that arises from all this hurdle around cryptocurrency is what it
is going to entail. While blockchain is the technology enabling cryptocurrency’s
existence, we can surely predict an immense boom of blockchain start-ups in 2021.

Well, there is nothing to be surprised about, as it looks like cryptocurrencies are
gradually taking over this world. Let’s talk a bit about why the blockchain start-ups
are going to be a success in 2021.

We must get ready for the fintech industry to experience a revolution in 2021 and
the years to come, as there will be a lot of companies penetrating the domain; at
least, there will be myriads of those trying to do so, as Paul Veradittakit from
Pantera Capital – one of the world’s biggest blockchain investors predicts.

The momentum is reaching its pinnacle, as the cryptocurrency and blockchain start-ups have reached the capitalization of $702 billion in the 4th quarter of 2020.

Meanwhile, we have to point out that in the summer of 2020, the bitcoin’s price was roughly reaching the point of $11,000.
Finally, the volume of investment the blockchain industry is about to witness is a jaw-dropping one.

What is more, the industry has already been invested heavily, which lays a solid basis for the niche’s stability. For example, Union Square Ventures has already decided to allocate %30 of its recently closed fund worth more than $250 million to crypto start-ups investment.
Other investors, including Pantera, Pithia, Polychain Capital, and others have cumulatively decided to invest more than $100 million in the development of blockchain start-ups.

Reasons to Invest in
Blockchain in 2021

There are five major rules to invest in blockchain start-ups and launch cryptocurrency-based projects in 2021.
We won’t take long, and we’ll explain them to you in plain terms.

#1 Market's Volatility Promises Returns

In general, an unstable market is bad, and nobody wants to invest in it. Nonetheless, cryptocurrencies are different; their volatility is nothing else but stability because it offers an opportunity to make high opportunistic returns. As the crypto market is still at the early stage of development, you get a higher chance of getting a higher reward.

#2 Decent Company to Join

Blockchain has already been adopted by Bank of America, Shell, Microsoft, Delta, Mastercard, Google, IBM, Dell, BBVA, Pfizer, and others. Those companies are the trend-setters, and joining their cohort would be a wise decision to make.

#3 It Is Easy and Cost-Efficient

When you invest in blockchain, you don’t have to ready yourself for complex processes, as you’re most likely to have it all done for you by a software vendor. Then, every single person with access to the Internet is your target audience.

#4 Promising Growth Avenues

If you were attentive at the beginning of the article, you might already know that cryptocurrencies are the basis for the future’s financial development. Bitcoin has grown by 200% in less than a month, and now with the support of Tesla and copious governmental organizations, we can attest to the fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and grow.

#5 Up-and-Coming Ecosystem

If you were attentive at the beginning of the article, you might already know that cryptocurrencies are the basis for the future’s financial development. Bitcoin has grown by 200% in less than a month, and now with the support of Tesla and copious governmental organizations, we can attest to the fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and grow.#5 Up-and-Coming Ecosystem

How Blockchain Evolved Over the Years

As has already been mentioned, 2017 has become a breakthrough year for blockchain, as it has launched the process of blockchain development outsourcing as cryptocurrencies have finally entered the state of being officially recognized as a payment medium.

It was in January 2017 that bitcoin had broken the $1,000 barrier for the first time in more than three years, and the US Department of Treasury reacted immediately by forming the FinTech Working Group in March of the same year.

Companies have started to realize the potential that bitcoin had, as it broke two new subsequent value records of $10,000 and $20,000 in November.

The beginning of 2018 has seen bitcoin being recognized as an official currency in Japan, while Tencent launched the TrustSQL blockchain platform. In that very same year, Switzerland started accepting taxes in bitcoins.

Back in August 2014, the bitcoin blockchain file size, meaning the one containing records on all the transactions in the network, was 20 GB; in early 2020, it has surpassed the mark of more than 200 GB and it continues to grow exponentially.

We Can Do It

Regardless of how awkward it might sound but anyone can launch a blockchain start-up. Get a couple of fast computers and a huge chunk of a battery because you might need a lot of electricity.

Then, learn the trial-and-guessing method that must be used on a mammoth scale, and you might consider yourself ready to solve the blockchain puzzle. Yet, you can also opt for sparing yourself the technical and organizational runaround and contact an outsource blockchain developer.
When thinking about the region you want your developer to come from, make sure to ponder over outsourcing blockchain development in Ukraine, the biggest IT outsourcing market in Eastern Europe.

NerdySoft, one of the most advanced blockchain developers on the European terrain can take proper care of your blockchain idea. If you doubt its viability, we will conduct a POC within the framework of an in-depth R&D session.
Then, as we’ll have the concept proven, we will develop a roadmap of the project’s implementation, and, what is more, we’ll take responsibility for implementing, deploying, and supporting your start-up.

Even if you have your project in the pipeline already, but you’re missing a particular specialist, for example, a cloud architect with extensive experience in leading a team of developers, we find the best one for you and compliment your team.
Furthermore, we can designate an entire dedicated team to your project, thus ensuring that we provide an end-to-end start-up development service. You have the idea, we have the solutions.

Hence, let’s make the most of this opportunity created by the growth of the cryptocurrency market together.


It looks like outsource blockchain developers will have a lot of work in 2021. The blockchain start-ups is the industry to invest in, as it now seems inevitable that cryptocurrencies will set the basis of the
planet’s financial future.
Elon Musk has once claimed that, “money is just data that saves that spares us the inconvenience of barter”.
Well, 2021 is a year that could not fail to become a better version of its predecessor, so it looks like more convenience is there for us to expect.
If you still doubt whether launching a blockchain start-up would be a good business endeavor, call us, and we’ll show you the way towards commercial greatness fueled up by outstanding technology expertise.

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